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An Active Shooter is an individual actively engaging in the killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and/or populated area, typically through the use of firearms.


prepare now

1. EVACUATE (a) Have an escape route (b) Leave your belongings (c) Keep your hands visible

2. HIDEOUT (a) Hide in an area out of the shooter's view (b) Block entry to your hiding place and lock your doors (c) Silence your cell phone

3. TAKE ACTION (a) As LAST RESORT and only if your life is in immediate danger            (b) Attempt to incapacitate the shooter (c) Act with physical aggression

when law enforcement arrives

  • Remain calm and follow instructions, put down any items in your hands, raise hands and spread fingers

  • Avoid quick movements towards officers, such as holding onto them for safety

  • Avoid pointing, screaming or yelling

  • Do not stop to ask officers for help or directions while evacuating

information for law enforcement or 9-1-1

  • Location of caller and shooter

  • Number of shooters

  • Physical description of shooter/s

  • Number and type of weapon held by shooter/s

  • Number of victims and types of injuries at the location

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