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The purpose of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is to provide a central location through which all local emergency management activities and functions can be coordinated during times of significant emergency or disaster. The EOC does not command or control the on-scene response.

Hamilton County Emergency Operations Center Values:

• Ethical behavior

• Timely response to emergency needs and requirements

• Expertise in emergency/disaster management and contingency management

• Learning and growth for all of our public safety partners

• Effective communications

• Quality service to our whole community

• Flexible solutions to meet response requirements

Hamilton County Emergency Operations Center Goals:

• Identify and assist in the mitigation of natural and man-made hazards

• Develop and maintain plans for major emergencies/disasters that build on and complement the existing operational policies and procedures of local emergency response agencies

• Establish an annual training program that develops and maintains necessary emergency management skills, including conducting exercise to test agency/department emergency response plans and procedures

• Provide the direction and coordination to identify and manage the additional resources needed for a major emergency/disaster response

• Gather and disseminate information to the public, media and local government agencies to assist in the preparation, response and recovery from major emergencies/disasters

• Serve as the focal point for coordination and liaison of activities between local, state and federal government in the response to and recovery from major emergencies/disasters

Hamilton Co EOC
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