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fire training


317 Oak Street, Suite #302

Chattanooga, TN 37403

Office: (423) 209-6911


mission Statement: To educate, protect and serve our community and pave the way for the next generation  of  volunteers.

Minimum Requirements:

• Must be 18 yrs. of age by Orientation of Live Fire

• Must have a high school diploma

• Must have the ability to read and comprehend written material on a 12th grade level

• Must possess the mental, physical and medical health to adequately perform the duties of a firefighter

• Must possess a valid driver’s license

• Must pass a criminal background check

Other Requirements:

• Must complete the FFI course and pass a state test before they receive their Firefighter certification

• Must be affiliated with an emergency service agency and involved with a First Responder program

Firefighter I class consists of:

• Length of Class: August to May

• Up to 320 hours including classroom and practical

• Introduction to Fire, Ventilation

• Building Construction, SCBAs, PPE

• Search and Rescue

• *HazMat Operations

• Ropes, Ladders, Extinguishers

• Fire Hose, Water Supply

• Hose Advancement

• Forcible Entry

• * WMD Awareness

• Loss and Fire Control

• CPR, Shock Management, SIDs

* Tennessee Emergency Management Agency Classes

Firefighter II class consists of:

• Length of Class: December to May

• 218 hours of classroom and practicals

• Rapid Intervention Team Operations

• Vehicle Extrication

• Class B Fires

• Liquid Petroleum Gas Fires

• Fire cause and investigation

• Leadership

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